Motorcycle Trip to the South of Turkey

The motif of the final part of the trip is the elements of water and fire – Turkish waterfalls, Pamukkale, and Mount Chimaera in Yanartaş. At the end of the adventure we also visited the famous Troy horse.

AdvAnywhere sport thermo clothes

Thermoactive clothing Revolution

What distinguishes our thermo clothing from the rest is the Outlast® technology originally developed for NASA.

Remote Nepal – landscapes

Nepal is a country that impresses with its landscapes at every turn. In this gallery, I present the most interesting of them.

Wadi rum camping


Jordan is experiencing a real tourist siege. No wonder why – both history and landscapes encourage to discover it. We invite you to admire Mars-like (but not only) views.

Best ocean places in Zanzibar 

Zanzibar – It Means No Worries

A few words about heavenly views, Polish-speaking Zanzibaris, and the not-quite-correct phrase “Hankuna matata”: a short guide to Zanzibar, this time not with a map, but with a glossary.