Motocyklem po Skandynawii

2021 Photo Gallery #10 Norway

Kewin Krawczyk
I'm an off-road rider, occasional traveler, gadget lover, and photography enthusiast. On my blog, I share knowledge and experiences from my journeys.

2 thoughts on “2021 Photo Gallery #10 Norway”

  1. Beautiful photos!
    Can I ask which photography equipment do you use?
    I know, I know, “It’s the indian, not the arrow”.
    Still, I’m intrigued.
    Keep up the excellent work, today you gained a follower!

    1. Hey,
      actually I’m the kind of guy who says good arrow makes you a better Indian or something like that 😀
      Now I use Sony A7C, RX100VII, and GoPro HERO9.
      Maybe I should write ‘my photo gear’ post… 😉
      Thank you!

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