Tenere anti buffeting deflektor

Free Anti-Buffeting Deflector Template for XT660Z

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One of the most discussed topics among Yamaha XT660Z owners is the buffeting effect, which is turbulent wind flowing around the helmet.

Lower deflector Yamaha

The XT660’s design causes that in the fork’s “tunnel”, which is enclosed by the tank, the effect of uneven air suction is created when driving faster. This in turn causes irregular blows of air right into the helmet.

XT660 deflector

Fortunately, this effect can be significantly reduced by installing the lower deflector. It’s not available as an official accessory, so many Tenere owners make them on their own. I also designed and tested one. After 30,000km, I can say that it can be safely used in all conditions.

And now, I’d like to share this template with you, so that you can enjoy riding your Tenere even more. The lower deflector is designed to well… deflect the air, directing it downward.

Yamaha Tenere anti-buffeting deflector

Below you can download the template, then cut the design out of 5mm plexiglass yourself or in some service shop. The total cost of a plexiglass sheet and cutout service is only a few euros, and you’ll definitely notice the improvement in riding comfort.

Tenere anti buffeting deflektor
Click the picture to download the template

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2 thoughts on “Free Anti-Buffeting Deflector Template for XT660Z”

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  2. Rod Kirkpatrick


    I’ve just downloaded your template – thanks.

    I shall fit over the next few days. Do I also need to get screen extension? If so, which one do you use/recommend?



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