Custom Rear Plate

Free Rear Rack Template for XT660Z

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If like me, you don’t need a special attachment for the top box, but you’d like to be able to conveniently attach a tent, bag, or rollbag, you don’t have to rush to buy a special plate for a hundred euros. This cost can be easily reduced. How?

All we need is a 5mm 50x30cm aluminum sheet and a free rear rack template for Yamaha Tenere, which I provide below.

Then, take the sheet with the design to the nearest waterjet point.

To complete the set, we only need 4 screws and 3cm high aluminum sleeves.

I drive with this rack for over 40,000km and I’m really satisfied. I mounted various bags and tents to it. For a symbolic transfer, I can adapt the project, even to another motorcycle.

Custom Rear Plate
Click the picture to download the template

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