Yamaha Tenere Custom Stickers download

Free Tenere XT660Z Stickers Template

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Each one of us – motorcyclists – has at least a little bit of a drive to customize our bikes. I had to satisfy my need by creating a set of stickers for my Yamaha Tenere XT660.

Yamaha Tenere XT660 stickers

Ready-made kits, which are available in stores, can cost over 150 euros. And they don’t suit my taste, really. So I decided to make my own design.

Tenere stickers
The stickers were relentlessly tested in various conditions.

Hours of measuring, drawing, designing, test prints, and the day has come – the template is ready. Finally, I was able to wrap my bike and emphasize its cubic volume.

In my case, the graphic design itself is super simple. I wanted to brighten certain elements and add detail. I chose a simple gray color that doesn’t stand out too much from the original pearl-ish tank paint.

Tenere stickers download
Bright elements of Tenere’s stickers transfer the visual weight to the front, emphasizing the magnificent shape.

As a gadget freak and logotype lover, I couldn’t resist covering my bike with my favorite motorcycle accessories manufacturers. Yeah, that’s my taste… but each one of us has a different sense of aesthetics, so I’d like to share with you a ready-made template. This way, everyone who wants to can easily and basically for free customize their Tenere. Just put your graphics, print them on foil at a local printing shop (cost approx. 20 euros), and stick it in your own garage.

  1. Download the free XT660Z stickers template.
  2. Put graphics in a vector editing program.
    (If you don’t know what’s going on, you definitely know a graphic designer who will help you for a small fee; you can also DM me.)
  3. Print with contour cutting at the nearest specialist printing shop.
    (I recommend latex printing on a polymer film with a Comply Adhesive with micro-technology + laminate, but any adhesive film will be good, it is best to consult a printing shop and ask about a film for wrapping cars.)
  4. Put finished stickers on Tenere.
Tenere 660 stickers diagram
Special thanks to Oliver Wiles for this handy diagram
Yamaha Tenere Custom Stickers download
XT660ZA custom sticker kit
After 15,000km, the stickers still look super fresh.

Your generosity is a great gift to me. If you appreciate my work, I encourage you to donate at least a symbolic PayPal transfer.

Let me know how it went and share your photos; tag @AdvAnywhere on Facebook and Instagram!

This is the first version of the stickers I made for the XT660. It is possible that some minor adjustments will be required, so please contact me if you have any suggestions regarding size and shape.

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    1. Gustavo Moraes

      opa Elivelton, eu precisava de um grafismo assim pra minha tenere 660z, moro no brazil consegue fazer pra mim ?

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