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OS-32 panniers are our first product from Kriega and buying them was hitting the bullseye. We’ve tested them in various conditions and we must admit – they worked perfectly in all of them. Great not only for riding in rain and mud but also for off-road full of falls.

Yamaha Tenere in off-road

Why OS-32?

There are many panniers and cases on the market. I will try to briefly describe why I chose Kriega’s solution and what you can take into consideration when looking for an ideal solution.

Motorcycle trip to Croatia

During my research, I paid attention to the following things:

Soft or Hard?

In my case, it was an easy decision – soft panniers are superior to aluminum ones, mainly due to the increased safety during off-roading. Adv bikes are made for riding in tough conditions and should be adapted to such rides. Sand, mud, descents, and ascents – all these elements provide unforgettable experiences, but also carry a huge risk of injury. Squashing a leg with a soft pannier during a fall will probably end with a smile on the face and the limb getting wedged. Luggage will absorb the impact, protecting both the motorcycle and the rider. It has happened many times to me, so I know what I’m talking about. If such a situation had happened with aluminum cases, it would have resulted in a terrible fracture in the tibia area or, at best, in an ankle sprain.

Waterproof Kriega panniers
Motorcycle in sand

This does not mean that hard boxes are worse – they have a significant advantage in touring when we do not plan to drive in heavy terrain, and the only off-road we are exposed to is gravel on which we feel confident enough. The main benefit of aluminum boxes is luggage safety. We can leave valuables without stressing out and go for ice cream in the city center.

So what’s the answer to the “soft panniers or hard cases” question? We must make a choice based on the intended use. Soft ones are a universal solution, comfortable in any terrain; hard ones are irreplaceable during long-distance tourist trips with a small amount of difficult terrain. This, of course, is not a rule, as there are many travelers who have traveled a large part of the world with aluminum cases. Let the above answer be the basis for your decision.

Motorcycle with luggage

Compatibility with the Motorcycle

Once we have decided what type of luggage suits our style of driving, we need to focus on the racks’ mounting system and find the proper luggage for them.

Kriega OS panniers

In most cases, this stage is easy. Luggage manufacturers often offer racks suited to a given motorcycle model. The problem arises if they do not have them or if our bike is modified in some way. This was the issue in my case. The dual Akrapovic exhaust in Tenere excluded several of the available racks from the start. Eventually, I made the decision based on the number of assembly areas. In the case of the GIVI I have, these are four equally spaced places. The rack connects to the frame at three points. We also have an additional bracket that connects both racks. Such a structure is extremely resistant to the inevitable falls of the motorcycle. Due to the aforementioned exhaust, the racks had to be fixed at greater distance and the tube bracket was extended.

Adventure motorcycle

Assembling, Disassembling, and Accessing Contents

Assembly, or rather design, is another important question when choosing the right luggage. How quickly and easily we can get inside is only appreciated after the hundredth use. Here, the entire OS series from Kriega has been perfectly deliberated.

Let’s start with assembling and disassembling. Kriega OS-32 panniers can be attached to the motorcycle in two ways: by attaching them directly to the frame or by attaching them to a special universal plate. The second solution means that mounting and dismounting both bags takes less than 60 seconds. It is much more convenient. Also, the fastening is firm and solid. And this is where Kriega outrun the competition.

Yamaha Tenere black

Access to the content should be easy and quick, even with gloves on. Especially with gloves on. Currently, the most popular and reliable closing system is roll-top and clip fastening. Here the competition does not differ much, but it is worth mentioning that Kriega has something that nobody else has – SteelCore steel straps. With them, you can fasten the pannier to the plate, thus securing its contents. It’s a great way to protect the bag against dismounting or opening. Of course, this is not a perfect solution, but it is definitely the best possible one for soft panniers. We will leave the topic of anti-theft security for a separate post, but SteelCore straps are definitely another advantage over the competition.

Dual sport motorcycle with luggage

Capacity. How Much is Enough?

A short trip, a long trip, riding alone, two-up, off-road, sightseeing… Each motorcycle trip is a different adventure, each one requires different preparation and taking more or fewer things.

Let’s assume that we have opted for soft panniers. Which one to choose, so we do not ride with empty or overloaded ones? Of course, the solution is scaling their capacity, so we need to look for modular systems, which is exactly what Kriega offers.

In the Overlander-S series catalog, you will find smaller and larger bags that can be easily combined with each other. The largest OS-32 is a must-have for longer trips. If necessary, other smaller bags can be attached to them, e.g. OS-12 or OS-6. If you are going on a shorter trip and you do not want to mount large panniers, just attach the smaller ones to the racks. I could write about the possibilities of combinations at this point, but I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Waterproof motorcycle panniers

The Best Soft Motorcycle Panniers – Kriega OS

Following the above conditions, after a long search for the perfect solution, I chose Kriega panniers. In fact: the entire modular Overlander-S system, from the plate, panniers to the safety belts.

Kriega motorcycle panniers

Kriega OS Panniers – a Little More About the Winner

Just like graphic design, product design has to be aesthetic and, above all, functional. This is why Kriega won my recognition. Their products are very well thought out in terms of both of these functions.

Many times while traveling, people ask me about these panniers, and then I get overly loquacious. That is why we made this post. From now on, when someone asks me about the panniers, I will simply show him the QR code with a link to this text 😉

Waterproof motorcycle panniers

Overlander-S uses the highest quality materials, including Hypalon and Cordura, that can also be found in other products of the British manufacturer. They are ideal for tough applications as they have high resistance to abrasion, weather conditions, and oils and fluids.

Inside there is a waterproof, removable white bag. Although the color may seem insignificant, the bright interior makes it much easier to look for items inside the panniers. This is one of the many elements of good design that is most often appreciated when it is lacking. Kriega also mentions that the white color is proof that the outer layer is sealed and waterproof. In fact, it is – after a year of driving in different conditions, the lining looks like new.

TET Poland

The panniers are equipped with a roll-top closure system, providing additional protection of the contents against getting wet in the event of a downpour. This is definitely a better solution than traditional zippers, which are sometimes the weakest point. There are also reflective elements and additional 16 hooks to which we can easily attach modular bags. Hooks are positioned in such a way as to allow attaching additional bags on either side of the panniers.

Overlander-S has semi-rigid walls – flexible enough to slightly expand when needed while packing, but also hard enough so that the bags do not lose their shape.

Like all Kriega products, OSs are incredibly easy to clean, which is an invaluable advantage when it comes to washing them after driving in mud and puddles. And, of course, they come with a 10-year warranty, which speaks very well of the manufacturer, so we will remind you of it every time.

Enduro in sand
Motorcycle baggage

10 thoughts on “Kriega Overlander-S Panniers”

  1. Nice article, i ride the Kriega bags since 2017 and i still love them! I have the 6L in the front mounted to the crashbars, and the 32 as the main bags. Now i want to extend the capacity and was about to get 2 other 6L bags to connect them to the 32’s. In your pictures it seems that you have larger bags mounted. Are these the 12L or the 18L Bags?
    Thanks, and greetings from Germany

  2. Hello Matze!
    I’m happy to hear that.
    I have mounted OS-12 version to my main OS-32 bags

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  5. Alan Rideout

    They are the best bags I have found. The modular system is second to none. Greetings from Canada

    1. Lone Rider Motobags are semi-rigd. Kriega is a very soft bag and this is what I like about it. It’s very impact resistant. Lone Rider motobags looks well on big bikes like GS1200 or Africa Twin.
      I would say that Kriega is more compact and enduro style, Lone Rider is more touring style. I also saw how semi-rigid motor bags get destroyed pretty fast during TET road.

  6. Why use the additional platform and not directly connect the bags to the frame?
    Greetings from holland

    1. Kewin Krawczyk

      Hey, it’s very stable with the platforms, easy and fast to mount and dismount. Also with this platforms I can use KRIEGA STEELCORE SECURITY STRAP to secure bags. I couldn’t fit the bags properly to this side rack on my XT660ZA. Cheers!

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