Kriega US-40 Rackpack

Kriega US-40 Rackpack – Review

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We have known Kriega products for some time. We admire their panniers and love their backpacks. Therefore, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a new motorcycle rear rack bag. Especially that there was an over-one-month Norwegian expedition with a tent waiting for us. 

Responsive Capacity

Let’s start with probably the most important thing: US-40 Rackpack can accommodate a lot of things. As the name suggests, its maximum capacity is 40 liters, and the minimum is 28.

In our case, it fit all our sleeping equipment (a tent, mattress, and two sleeping bags with liners), as well as light shoes and flip-flops. We must admit that if it weren’t for it, we would have a big problem with packing for a month-long trip for two.


The British manufacturer’s products are always extremely easy to assemble, and this is also the case here.

We have four long lashing straps and additional four straps with loops to permanently attach to the frame. The latter are ideal if we don’t have a central plate or other elements to which the bag can be attached.

Thoughtful Design

In our previous post about panniers, we paid attention to design. In this case, Kriega again surprises us with great solutions, creating a rollbag that has never been seen before.

The US-40 motorcycle bag opens from both sides and is equipped with a standard roll-top system and a clip fastening. The whole thing is easy to use even with thick gloves.

Included is also a detachable shoulder strap, which makes it easier to transport the bag from/to the motorcycle.

To the upper part, a reinforced part with “peaks” is attached. It distributes the force of the belt clamp evenly, so the Kriega rollbag always looks neat and solid.

It should also be mentioned that the upper part is sewn on only two sides, thus creating a “tunnel” that works perfectly for storing a small tripod, flip-flops, tent poles, and anything else you can think of. You can also pass the straps through it to attach other pieces of luggage.

Just like Overlander-S panniers, the US-40 Rackpack bag is equipped with additional hooks to which we can attach modular bags from the US and OS series, or other accessories

There are loads of hooks and loops, making it easy to attach anything we want. We love such solutions.

Waterproofness x2

Waterproof and extremely durable materials are the hallmark of Kriega. As standard, as in their other products, the outer layer is waterproof and, additionally, we have the inner white removable bag. The whole thing guarantees that our luggage remains dry even during many hours of rain exposure.

Solid Materials

The whole thing is made of reliable materials such as Hypalon + 420D Cordura® Lite. The bag is resistant to abrasion, weather conditions, and oils and fluids. 


Kriega once again sets the design standard for reliable luggage products. This time, they completely redefined the usability of rollbags for the motorcycle rear rack. The combination of aesthetics and functionality is always appreciated by us. As soft bags fans, we are pleased to see a great alternative to top cases.

9 thoughts on “Kriega US-40 Rackpack – Review”

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  2. I know you want to sell it, but what nonsense are you saying? The only two things standing out here are the Hypalon panels (top and bottom) and the rigid flaps over the roll-tops. The design is pretty old, the mounting mechanism is nothing new, Cordura 420 is about average, and we could have used some locking mechanisms, like mounts for SteelCore straps, at this price point. There are many double-ended roll-top choices which are competitive or better.

    1. I don’t. I just did a lot of research before purchasing my set and want to share the knowledge.
      When I see innovations that fail I chose old good mechanisms. That’s why I like simple but well-designed Kriega bags.
      If you found other double-ended roll-top choices which are competitive – good for you. I didn’t find a pair that would satisfy me. But we are all different 🙂
      Safe ride

  3. Mike Thomson

    I ride a T7 Rally with GIVI 37ltr Outback panniers, I’m looking at the Kriega 40 Rack pack but am not sure if when mounted it will interfere with opening my panniers, if I would have to remove the rack pack every time to acces my panniers, have you any idea if this would be a problem? would the 30ltr bag be a better option?
    Cheers Mike

    1. Probably depends on how much will you pack. US-40 can be compressed to 28L (48cm wide) so I think it’s better option than 30L because you can always extend it to 40L (65cm wide). Try to measure how much cm you need and let me know 🙂

  4. What a waste of time. The ‘review’ is little more than an expanded sales description and the summary has no information and is completely lacking any genuine opinions about your experiences with the bag. Every photo is exactly the same, with the bag securely attached to the bike. No images of it off the bike, part packed, carried as a bag, unpacked, inside, contents… nothing.

    1. Hi James, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I only share some thoughts from my little travels. I will try to make it better next time.

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