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Mitas E-10 Tires – Review

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Mitas E-10 is a motorcycle touring tire that gives tremendous – for a knobby – comfort on asphalt.

Off-Road Touring

traction and control on gravel are excellent, and rocky climbs and descents can be overcome without problems. Thanks to this, these tires are ideal for trails such as the TET and ACT. It seems to me that they are a tad more stable in the rain than the E-09 model, and I suspect it’s because of the vertical indentations in the treads that drain water.

E-10 Tire Profile

The Mitas E-10 tire profile is designed to handle as well as possible on asphalt while maintaining off-road characteristics.

Comparing the E-10 to the E-09, it’s worth noting that every other row of cubes on the E-09 is narrower, making the tire bite into the terrain better and deeper. The E-10, on the other hand, maintains a relatively larger contact area with the asphalt when turning, which translates into better stability on twisty roadways.

Gravel and Off-Road

I could write at length about the properties of the knobby tire. The E-10 performs so well on gravel that I was constantly searching for the limits of my riding abilities.

With these tires, you can easily start in the sand, and the ride is comfortable. Despite the wide profile, you feel stability and control. The grip also remains flawless, as the knobs bite into the mud – not as deep as the Mitas E-09, but still very good.

Mitas E-10 is a tire that takes the motorcyclist to the farthest reaches, putting others in awe.

What is unique about the E-10 is its extraordinary performance on an asphalt roadway. The trained eye will notice that the Mitas E-10 has a wide profile, so it performs better when cornering on asphalt. The larger contact area between the tires and the asphalt also translates into better grip when riding in the rain.

The wider profile of the knobby tire bites less into loose sand or mud, so E-09 or E-13, for example, performs better in such conditions. A very cool combination could be the E-10 front and E-09 rear.

Performance on Asphalt

The feel of riding on asphalt on this tire would suggest that it’s a sports tire. Of course, I write this minding that I am evaluating a knobby tire. However, after the first day of riding, I already had the feeling that the E-10 performs very well on asphalt. No vibration is noticeable, which I have encountered in other tires of this type.

knobby tires on road bike

The tight, winding, and narrow alpine paths I had the opportunity to traverse on this set were a lot of fun. The tire profile provides agile motorcycle leaning.

On asphalt, the E-10 gives the impression of a 50/50 tire, meaning it performs as well as possible for a knobby. So why does Mitas tells it’s 30/70 on-/off-road? Probably due to the fact that, as a knobby tire, it disappears quickly on asphalt.

motorcycle knobby tires

Dakar Version

When I go to areas with dry climates, I’m definitely more likely to choose the Dakar version – tougher, providing longer tire life. The Dakar version has a yellow stripe on the left side.


Mitas E-10 is a knobby off-road tire with asphalt characteristics raised to the limit. This tire will work great if you often ride off-road but still have a lot of asphalt commuting. It’s also a great choice for trails like TET or ACT, where the surface is very diverse.

Mitas E-10 Tire Photo Gallery

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  1. Toller Bericht, super Bilder, die Ligurische Grenzkammstrasse mit der Geröllhalde Richtung Sommelier war auch zu finden😎
    Ich habe den Mitas E-10 Dakar für die KTM 890 ADV für den Italien TET bestellt dank deiner Empfehlung.
    Danke für den Bericht👍🏼

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