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Mitas E-13 Rally Star

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In Poland, the motorcycle season is never over for those who are prepared for difficult road conditions. At our altitude, we have the opportunity to experience various road conditions. Heavy rains, mud, snow, sand. I decided to check the Mitas E-13 Rally Star tires in all of them. I also wanted to test them on stones, so I went to Croatia, too – overcoming a short distance on asphalt roads. After a year of using the E-13 Rally Star, I know they are adventure tires for all conditions.


Knobbies aren’t ideal for asphalt, but whether you want it or not, when riding adv you’ll eventually have to ride a bit on black. It is worth having a knobby tire that sticks well to the surface. My biggest surprise was how well the bike folds into tight corners with Mitas E-13 tires.

On Wet

I had the opportunity to drive several hundred kilometers in the rain and I had no major problems with the grip. With some caution and conservative driving, this tire will not cause any problems to drive.

Gravel, Stones, Mud, Sand – Mitas E-13 is a Real Star There!

When I first hit the mud after the thaw, I understood why Mitas chose the name “Rally Star” for this tire. With my average riding skills, I suddenly felt that I had much better control of the bike – the front bites well into the ground and doesn’t slip. Earlier in the field, I rode the E-09 tire, but it didn’t have such a good grip. I won’t write about individual surface variants because I’d have to write the same in each of them – the E-13 provides a gigantic increase in control and traction in the field.

Service Life

I made almost 15,000 kilometers on this tire. Most of the asphalt, mainly hot Croatian asphalt. I suspect that 20,000 kilometers would be feasible. But since we were preparing for travel around Norway, I got Mitas E-07+. If you fancy another review, here’s an extensive one.


My favorite off-road set is the E-13 Rally Star as the front and the E-09 Dakar as the rear tire. Such a combination ensures relatively good mileage, even on asphalt, and extraordinary off-road driving comfort. The E-12 and E-10 rear models are also noteworthy.

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  1. Mate, I love your blog ! Amazing pictures, great text.
    Really good job ! I agree on these Mitas, they are definitely worth it !

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