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NEXX X.WRL Motorcycle Helmet – Review

Kewin Krawczyk
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At first glance, it might seem that the helmet in question is the NEXX X.WED2. And it’s kinda correct because the X.WRL design was based on the X.WED2 model. So what are the differences? NEXX, with a few modifications, has shifted the helmet’s usability gently toward enduro. It’s still not a typical enduro helmet tho, but rather an adventure or rally helmet. And its model name shows it. X.WRL is the codename for Wild Rally.

If you haven’t read my review of the X.WED2 helmet yet, I encourage you to start with the first post and then the second one about the carbon version:

Even Lighter

The indentations in the shell, lack of a sun visor, and use of carbon allowed to slim down the X.WRL model by another gram. All-day off-road expeditions over many days can be demanding on muscles and tendons, a lightweight helmet really makes a huge difference.

The X-PRO CARBON shell is created from 3k Carbon. This way, the weight of the helmet has decreased by 10% compared to other solutions while maintaining high rigidity and durability. The “new” weight is only 1250g.

Two Visors: Red and Clear

The lack of a sun visor is compensated for by the additional Iridium Red visor you get in the box. I love it because it has an advantage over goggles in one important respect – the range of vision. In my X.WED2 review, I wrote that the advantage of that helmet is the large visor that doesn’t obstruct the view. In X.WRL we don’t even see the edge of the shell. As a result, we can see better what is around us. This is crucial in off-road, but also in urban riding. Not to mention that while traveling we can admire the panorama without taking the helmet off.

How Does a Color Visor Work?

Photographers probably know something about it. Like photographic filters, color visors absorb light in different parts of the spectrum while letting other colors pass through better. The part of the spectrum in a color visor is brighter because more light in that band will pass through the visor.

In a case of a red motorcycle visor, the red light will be let through the glass more easily. The light on the opposite side of the color wheel – blue – will be blocked the most. All shades of blue and green will be darker because less of such light will reach our eye. Therefore, there’s noticeably less fog effect in the distance, contrast is increased and details are enhanced.

An amazing difference in color contrasts can be seen while admiring vegetation. When looking at lush flora through the red visor, compared to looking at it with the naked eye, you can see many more shades of green.

Red visor is ideal for riding on sunny days. It also works well on slightly overcast days. But if you aim for night riding, it’s best to change to a clear glass.

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I mostly ride with red goggles earlier, but having a red visor that doesn’t obstruct the range of vision is an invaluable improvement.

New Peak and Visor Mounting

What could be improved on the X.WED2 are the plastic visor buttons, which reportedly could break or get lost. Personally, I have experienced neither. Anyway, the new mounting method is more comfortable and sturdy.

Simple solutions are the best solutions. Buttons can be placed and removed without a problem. Just use a motorcycle key or a coin.

Replacing the visor or removing the peak (e.g. if you plan to commute all day on the highway) is a matter of seconds.

Even Better Airflow

Riding off-road can be tiring. During the exertion it’s good to take care of airflow. Here, the extra vents, placed just above the eyebrows, will come in handy.

The helmet underside has been stripped of any covers, so a lot of air gets from under the front of the helmet, exactly where it is needed.

The X.WRL motorcycle helmet has a notched shell at the jaw level. The smaller profile of the helmet works better when using a neck stabilizer. Additionally, the helmet lining has been designed with mesh that lets air through well. These minor changes work great for more demanding riding.

If we use goggles then we have a completely airy and light helmet. And speaking of goggles, there’s an additional integrated goggle strap holder on the back of the helmet.

X-Lock System

A nice improvement is a magnetic button on the chin strap. Of course, the fastening here is the only right double D-ring.

Turcja motocyklem


The X.WRL is the X.WED2 redesigned. It’s focused more on off-road riding than touring. It works great on TET or ACT routes and during rallies. That doesn’t mean it won’t perform well for touring though. I myself have so far ridden in this helmet half of Turkey, half of Italy, TET routes in both these countries, and a lot of jaunts.

The lack of a sun visor can be a nuisance at first when you plan to ride both day and night. However, it takes seconds to change the visor, and in return you get something really cool – better vision thanks to the Iridium Red visor.

I will definitely choose the NEXX X.WRL for my next adventures.


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