Kriega Ducati Scrambler Fit Kit


US-Drypacks fit kit for Ducati Scrambler 2019 on Full Throttle & Cafe Racer only.

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The kit consists of high-quality Hypalon & nylon webbing loops, that easily fit under the pillion seat using the existing mounting locations.

Once fitted, they provide strong hook-on points for any Kriega US-Drypack or US-Drypack Combo.


  • 4 x 155mm bolt-on loops
  • 8 x M6 washers


  • Remove the seat and undo the 2 screws that hold the passenger seat cover and remove it from the seat
  • Slide an M6 washer inside each Hypalon loop
  • Place another M6 washer on each seat cover screw and mount 2 loops to the underside of the seat using existing location holes
  • Mount the other 2 loops to the indicator mounting bolts on the underside of the rear frame using the M6 washers and existing bolts
  • Straps can be folded under the seat and rear frame when not in use