Kriega Hands-Free Hydration Kit


Designed for racing conditions when it’s safer to keep both hands on the handlebars and concentrate on riding. This kit positions the soft bite valve of the hydration tube permanently near the rider’s mouth, giving fast & safe ‘Hands-free’ hydration.

The dry-break valve connects to the existing big-bore insulated tube on the Kriega Hydro-3 or the existing clear tube on the Kriega Hydro-2.

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Main Features:

  • A flexible white silicone tube fits along the base of the helmet with a Velcro® patch which fixes to the inside of the helmet under the cheek pads.
  • The tube pushes through a hole in the front air vent so that the soft bite valve is in the right position.
  • A quick-release dry-break valve makes it easy to remove your helmet whilst wearing the backpack.

Tech Specs:

  • White silicone tube with Kriega branding
  • Soft bite valve
  • Easy-fit – Velcro® tube management
  • Quick-release dry-break connector
  • Weight: 55 g