Kriega Haul Loop – Front


Kriega’s unique design is a self-supporting/semi-rigid solution, which is always easy to find and use.

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There are two methods of fitting the front Haul Loop. Both use 2 x H-Duty cable ties.

Undo the web on the stainless buckles. Wrap the web around the fork leg, directly under the lower triple-clamp. Re-thread the stainless buckles (making sure to feed the web back through the buckle to ‘lock’ it off). The loose end can be placed under the elastic loop provided. To prevent the Haul Loop from moving down the fork leg/s you need to use a cable tie in either 2 ways.

The first method is to feed the cable tie through the small web loop next to the stainless buckle. Connect the cable tie and tighten around the fork leg directly above the lower triple-clamp.

The second method is to use 2 x cable ties linked together in a figure of eight behind the front light/number plastic. The “figure of eight” method is a superior one, as you can fine-tune the angle of the Haul Loop by decreasing the length/s of the cable ties. The shorter the tie the more elevated the Haul Loop will sit.

Tech Specs:

  • Semi-rigid design
  • Universal fit (front only)
  • Ultra-tough construction
  • Hypalon: abrasion-resistant re-enforcement
  • Toughtel: grips wet or dry
  • Alloy buckles
  • Weight: 70g