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A Universal Dual Sport Helmet – NEXX X.WED2

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After almost a year of using NEXX helmets, we decided that we are ready to make a separate post for them. We will mainly focus on the X.WED2 model as we believe it is a great choice for adventure motorcyclists. At the end, you will also find a few words about the street version.

Dual sport motorcycle

Field of view

What you can already see in the pictures is that… you can see a lot while wearing the X.WED2. Its huge visor not only provides a wide range of peripheral vision, but also ample space for the goggles. When riding off-road, I always wear 100% Armega goggles which fit like a dream in the helmet even without removing the visor. This is a convenient and invaluable method on routes such as those in the TET project.

Dual-sport helmets
Enduro motorcycle helmet

The visor itself is attached using the X-Lock system, developed by NEXX. It doesn’t feel like it’s a durable element, but nothing should break as long as you use it correctly. An attempt to turn the lock the wrong way will surely end in breaking the latch. This one, however, can be easily purchased as a spare part.

The helmet is also Pinlock-ready and has a built-in visor with 80% blackout.

Enduro motorcyclist


The ventilation system in the NEXX X.WED2 helmet certainly deserves a medal. There are two air outlets at the back and four air inlets at the front: three on the top of the shell and one closed at the chin that regulates the amount of air directed towards the rider’s face. The forward-sliding flap breaks down the air rush, so that we won’t feel a piercing cold on the chin inside the helmet, but rather evenly distributed fresh air.

When we want to increase the amount of air flowing in, we can detach the front flap with one move in order to insert a plastic net in its place. This solution is very useful when we go off-road riding on hot days.

Nexx X.WED 2 enduro helmet

Additionally, thanks to the high-nose design and the direction of the exhaled air, the visor does not get foggy when driving in temperatures close to 0°C – steam comes out of the helmet like out of a kettle.

It is also worth noting that, unlike in many helmets in which poorly designed air circulation can dry the eyes, we will not experience such a problem here.

X.WED 2 helmet
X.WST2 model – similar in construction to the X.WED2 but more street-oriented.


NEXX X.WED2 comes intercom-ready and features cutouts for the speakers. Both the dedicated X-Com developed for NEXX by Sena, and other universal communication systems will fit perfectly. We use Cardo Packtalk Bold and these sets work very well.

Enduro sand

What distinguishes X.WED2 from X.WST2 is the enduro peak. Driving against the sun, in addition to direct sunray, reduces the contrast through glares appearing on the visor. The peak casts a shadow over the visor, effectively reducing this effect. Moreover, it perfectly protects against branches in the forest, and stones or mud thrown by enduro companions who try to move from the marshy terrain (those who experienced it know what I’m talking about). The peak is attached to three points, between which there is enough space so that the peak does not adversely affect the aerodynamics and doesn’t cause unwanted turbulence, even when driving fast. In addition, its structure helps to direct air towards the air inlets, thus improving airflow inside the helmet.


For its class, the X.WED2 weighs little, only ~1500g in size M without accessories and ~1750g with accessories (visor, action cam, intercom). That’s pretty good. Read more about the extra light carbon version here – The Best Adventure Helmet – X.WED2 Carbon

Enduro motorcycle gear


The street model is very similar to the enduro one in terms of construction and specifications. It also has a wide viewing angle which definitely improves comfort while riding (even when you are only a passenger, as it is in our case). X.WST2 is no worse in terms of ventilation, too – it is not equipped with the additional plastic net mentioned earlier, but the basic version still flawlessly fulfills its function.

It is also worth mentioning that both X.WST2 and X.WED2 have a double D-ring clasp, as well as the EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System). It allows you to safely remove the cushions from the inside of the helmet in the event of an accident, which is an invaluable help for medical services.

Wrapping it up…

If we want a comfortable and universal helmet, which will serve us in everyday rides, on TET routes, on long journeys, and even in enduro rallies, X.WED2 is the ideal candidate at a decent price.

If, on the other hand, we are not interested in off-road riding, the cheaper, street-oriented version, the X.WST2, is perfectly sufficient and has similar advantages to the X.WED2. This helmet will be an excellent choice for both asphalt lovers and billions.

Check out the supplementary post about the carbon version – The Best Adventure Helmet – X.WED2 Carbon

8 thoughts on “A Universal Dual Sport Helmet – NEXX X.WED2”

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  3. Thanks for the great and detailed review. When wearing goggles can you close the visor over the goggles and strap and still get a seal? Like on the BMW GS and Arai XD4? Thank you. Ride safe. have fun. Explore.

    1. Hi Paul!
      I must admit I didn’t try that before you asked.
      I’m able to easily close the visor but there is a small gap so it’s not sealed completely.

      Thanks for the comment and ride safe!

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  6. Got the same helmet, but purchased the x.com communication set.
    That integrates perfectly, but isn’t great when connecting to other riders.

    I noticed you have the packtalk from Cardo?
    How did you attach it to the helmet? Did you glue it? or does the mounting plate fit? Because the helmet has a weird shape at the bottom?

    1. Hey Koen, thank you for your comment.
      As you said, the x.com communication set is excellent, but most of my friends and I are using Cardo Bold.
      We are all using a mounting plate. You have to be careful when mounting but it’s possible. I mounted 6 cardo sets to X.WED2 for all my friends 😀 All good.

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